February 2020

The Success Story of IMEACONF 2020 The International Conference on New Ideas in Management, Economics and Accounting returned in 2020...

The Success Story of IMEACONF 2020

The International Conference on New Ideas in Management, Economics and Accounting returned in 2020 for its 7th edition. This time it took place on the 21st-23rd of February and was hosted at Sapienza University in Rome, Italy.

IMEACONF 2020 Attendees
The event attracted a highly diverse and international audience, traveling from such countries as Poland, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Libya, China, Denmark, Russia, Iraq, Nigeria, Greece, Turkey, and others. Each attendee has their own unique backgrounds and professional experiences, which resulted in thought-provoking, top-rated discussions.

IMEACONF 2020 Agenda
Each presentation at IMEACONF had undergone a double-blind review process by the esteemed scientific committee of the event. As a result, the quality of each research was superb. Such topics were covered as: the effects of organizational values on the performance of organizations, measuring and improving service quality in the context of a higher educational institution, the impact of mega trends on businesses, cost control with cash flow statements in restaurant businesses, and many others.

IMEACONF 2020 Networking
The high quality of presentations stimulated vibrant discussions, which lasted long after the event. The participants also had a chance to engage in more informal networking as everyone was invited on a free guided tour of the magnificent city of Rome.

We are looking forward to the 8th edition of the International Conference on New Ideas in Management, Economics and Accounting. We will continue to raise the standards of quality, ensuring this event remains a must-attend. We hope to see you there!

Highlighted Speakers

Author Article TitleAffiliation
Mr. Aleksandra FerensBusiness Model Disclosure – support framework for Cyber Security ManagementUniversity od Economics, Poland
Mr. Atiya Thabet AbuharrisThe Adaptation of The Libyan Travel and Tourism companies to Environmental Turbulence Applied study on Travel and Tourism companies Located in Tripoli – LibyaThe Libyan Academy for Post Graduate Studies, Libya
Prof. Vaggelis SaprikisInvestigating the demographic characteristics of university students’ perceptions towards their intention to adopt a mobile augment reality app for entertainment and shopping purposes: A UTAUT model perspectiveUniversity of Western Macedonia, Greece
Dr. Elad HarisonThe Effects of Organizational Values on the Performance of Organizations: Evidence from the Utilities SectorShenkar College of Engineering and Design,Israel
Mr. Nyar Ti KaMeasuring and Improving Service Quality in the Context of a higher educational Institution: Human Science Students’ Perceptions at Sariputta College, Muse, Northern Shan State, MyanmarAssumption University of Thailand
Ms. Mojgan Darvish AlamotiStudying The Impact of Mega Trends on BusinessesNon-profit institution of higher education of tabarestan, Iran
Mrs. Merve Özgür GödeEvaluation of Profitability According to Customer Types in Fast Food RestaurantAnadolu University, Turkey
Mrs. Merve Özgür GödeCost Control with Cash Flow Statement in Restaurant BusinessesAnadolu University, turkey
Prof. Daniela DragomirManagement of the school organization by the implementation of innovative and entrepreneurship strategiesVALAHIA UNIVERSITY OF TÂRGOVIȘTE, Romania
Mrs. Onisoru Georgiana FlorentaPerforming management in school organizations and entrepreneurshipValahia University of Târgoviște, Romania
Mrs. Khulud AlyafieUnderstanding the influence of category managers on food suppliers in own-brand food NPD; An exploratory study in Saudi retailing sectorUniversity of Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Dr. Ljupka NaumovskaParental awareness and attitudes of digital media advertising to childrenUniversity of Tourism and Management Skopje, Faculty of Marketing, Macedonia
Prof. Vaggelis SaprikisICT in the Educational Process: Teachers’ Perceptions based on their Age and Years of ServiceUniversity of Western Macedonia, Greece
Ms. Ekaterina ErokhinaAudit in the Russian Federation: quality assessment problemsPlekhanov Russian University of Economics, Russia
Mr. Bryan CharismaEconomic Value Added Creation by Optimizing Capital Structure in Project FinancePT PLN (Persero) Indonesia (Electricity Company), Indonesia